Three 3DS’s, tons of Platinum ranks, and no Smash Demo codes for me.


Well that’s all she wrote, no new characters past the initial leak. I still like the roster even with a few hiccups though.

The Duck Hunt duo are so adorable, I can’t wait.

dkc2 replied to your post: I woke up too late to pick up Destiny,…

What’s your PSN? Getting Destiny in the AM

I’m getting it on Xbone, man!

Thank you to anyone who came to my Twitch stream over the night. I appreciate it a lot.

I might be picking up Destiny tonight so I’ll probably stream that if anyone’s interested!

your voice is like really cute

Oh oh well you know..

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You’re Kevin Smith??

The secret’s out: Too fat to blog.

I forgot my name was in the credits of Clerks II.

One of my favorite parts of the Game Boy Micro was the ability to change the faceplates on it. Combine that with better hardware, new buttons, and new features and it shows how great the Newtendo 3DS could potentially be.

Is it a little bit of a kick in the rear? Maybe. But then again I’m sitting on three 3DS systems as it is, so I’m not one to complain.

Naoki Kodaka - Overworld Theme (Blast Processed)

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I give up trying to bring light to the opinions of someone who would take one singular cherry picked tumblr post as gospel.